Property Buyers Agent

Buyers agents work on behalf of purchasers, finding, researching to ensure purchasers that property & business expectations are met.


Are you considering buying a specific investment in a commercial project. Being informed is a great start.

Residential Sales

Boutique real estate company with limited clients thus maximising quality & effectiveness

Business Brokerage

An analytical service provided for those looking to either sell or purchase a business.

Julie Hignett

About Anthem NZ

Julie Hignett - Director and principal agent of AnthemNZ. Julie has worked in property trading since 2003.  Experience in commercial property means Julie uses regional infrastructural and business knowledge to provide insight to clients on the value of a property. Julie  has sourced land for developers and investments for financial planning companies and knows the fundamentals and contractual strategies for buying property to maximise value.


AnthemNZ key assets are important contract structuring and connecting to the main drivers of change within each community. This ensures insightful information to ensure buyers get the best value. With all these connections & skills, other sectors become available through AnthemNZ such as offshore financial re-structuring, immigration advise and much more.



Brent Sherman
Business Sales Consultant

Anthem is an independent company and that is a real benefit for clients that appreciate confidentially

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