Property Buyers Agent

Property & Business Buyer's Agent

Let's face it: buying is riskier than selling. As licensed buyer's agents we are accountable by law to disclose all information to the benefit of the purchaser.  Whether buying a business or residential property, it's reassuring for clients to know that AnthemNZ has a duty of care and is committed to provide buyers with the very best deal to the best of our knowledge and research.

What is a Buyer's Agent?

Property finders who work on behalf of purchasers; negotiating to save the purchaser costs, qualifying and ensuring property & businesses expectations. Committed to caring for purchasers wanting to buy a house, land or business.

Why do people use Buyers Agents?

Investment mistakes cost money.  Buyer's agents are objective, professional and expert in finding properties and businesses for purchasers.    A buyer's agent understands the sense in setting budgets and has the local knowledge and contacts to employ specialist industry information when needed.  Using a buyer's agent saves time, save costs and reduces risk. At all times a buyer's agent acts on behalf of the client and in their best interest.

How do I recognise a Buyer's Agent?

A professional buyer's agent is extremely well connected in their community. They are lateral thinkers, excellent analysts and meticulous with data. A buyer's agent will go the extra mile to research the most minutiae detail and provide detailed reports to their clients, much more than a simple list of properties or businesses for sale.  A buyer's agent helps connect people with the best properties and successful businesses bringing solid returns.  We have the connections and relationships in Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty and other parts of New Zealand that make a real difference for our clients.

Using the Buyer's Agent Purchasing Process

  1. Consultation: Once you have pre-approved finance or a budget in mind, we look at your interests and investigate options to fit your lifestyle, the regional market and match these with estimated returns or future growth to meet your expectations. 
  2. From here you signed an agreement between you and the buyer's agent. Your buyer's agent now starts working for you. 
  3. The buyer's agent stays in regular contact with the purchaser and will discuss pre-approved property or business opportunities.
  4. Once a property or business has been chosen, an offer is prepared and presented by the buyer's agent.
  5. The Sale and Purchase Agreement or offer will be made either conditional or unconditional. If appropriate, the buyer's agent will assist with any due diligence or clause requirements. 
  6. If your conditions are not satisfied you may either re-negotiate with the vendor or cancel the contract.
  7. Once satisfied and contract have gone unconditional the escrow service provided by New Zealand Real Estate Trust and Crown owned Public Trust account will be used for payment, holding and disbursement of the deposit payable by agreement.


Terms of Agreement

  • A non-refundable engagement fee may apply
  • A buyer's agent will seek and negotiate the best price on behalf of the purchaser. 
  • A standard 90-day sole agency term applies, in which the buyers agent will be fully responsible for managing the entire buying process with you
  • If shown the property and/or business in the term of the Buyer Agent agreement. going direct to the vendor after the 30 days will legally occur an agencies commission.




  • Structured commission % depending on the type of investment eg. Residential, Commercial, Business?
  • Missed opportunities
  • Missed information
  • Market knowledge
  • Lower risk from making mistakes
  • Buy before your competitors
  • Valuable connection
  • Price negotiations in your favor